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Where can I register my INTENSE 951 series Bike? 

From the homepage click the “SUPPORT” tab and select “REGISTER YOUR BIKE.” Fill out the required fields and your bike registration will be complete

Where is the serial number located on my INTENSE 951 series bike?

There are two serial numbers on your INTENSE 951 frame, one on the front triangle and one on the rear triangle. The serial number for the front triangle is located on the underside of the frame directly behind the headtube/fork assembly. The rear triangle serial number is located on the  forward-facing surface of the cross brace. For more detail on finding the location, click here.  

What is the warranty term for my INTENSE 951 series bike? 

• 5 YEAR – INTENSE CARBON FRAME WARRANTY - Manufacturing defects in materials and  craftsmanship of the triangles and small parts that comprise the assembly 

• 2 YEAR – WHOLE BIKE WARRANTY (Remaining Components) – Manufacturing defects and  craftsmanship, warranty coverage of components spec’d on complete bike  

• 1 YEAR – PAINT FINISH AND DEFECTS – Covers quality and finish defects in paint finish  

How do I submit a warranty claim? 

To submit a warranty claim, you must first ensure you have properly registered your bike online.  Once your bike is registered, submit your warranty claim here.  

If I am the second owner of my bike, is the warranty still valid? 

Yes. Please check the Submit a Claim section and then set up 'Crash Replacement' as the Claim Reason on the form. If a proof of purchase is required, just leave it in blank or attach an empty document.

What do I do or where do I go if I’m not sure if my situation is a warranty or crash replacement claim? 

You may contact your local INTENSE 951 Dealer or INTENSE directly at (951) 307-9211 or email us  

Does INTENSE offer a crash replacement service?

Yes, INTENSE offer’s a crash replacement program to help get rider’s back on their bike after any crash damage that does not fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. A claim can be entered. Enter Claim Here


How do I unbox my bike? 

To properly unbox your bike and get it ready to ride, please follow the steps in our INTENSE  951 (XC)and (TRAIL) unboxing videos

How much assembly is required when my bike arrives?

INTENSE bikes are built up completely at the factory, then adjusted and tuned. To effectively  package for shipment, INTENSE removes the wheels, rear derailleur, pedals and handlebars  packaging them securely in the bike box. Once delivered, assembling your bike is a quick and  simple process using the tools and instructions provided in your accessory box. For step-by-step  assistance watch our unboxing videos for the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL models.  

What tools are required for assembling the bike? 


Every new INTENSE comes with an accessory box that includes: an INTENSE torque wrench set, a T25 Torx L wrench, 3-way allen wrench (4mm, 5mm, 6mm) and a Shock/Fork pump. Those included tools are necessary for bike set-up. Other recommended tools for bike assembly are wire cutters to remove the zip ties and a tire pump that is Presta valve compatible. Open box and refurbished models do not include the torque wrench and shock pump.


Is bedding the brakes required before hitting the trails?

Bedding in the brake pads is required to achieve maximum stopping power and predictability. This  process is recommended before you head out on your first ride. Bedding in the brakes can be achieved by pedaling the bike up to max speed and applying heavy braking force to one brake at a time, letting go of the brakes just before you come to a  complete stop. Do this 5-10 times with the front and rear brakes. 

Is there an Owner’s Manual for my bike?  

The owner’s manual for your specific INTENSE 951 bike is in the accessory bag shipped with your  INTENSE 951 bike or you can download it HERE

How much sag should I run on my rear shock?

INTENSE recommends that your sag be set at 30% for both the XC and TRAIL in all sizes S,MD, LG and XL. For more information on this process, please refer to our tech video series, HERE.  

How much sag should I run on my fork?

INTENSE recommends you set your fork sag between 15-25% for both the 951 Trail and 951 XC and for all sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XL). For more information on this process, please refer to our tech video  series, HERE.

What torque do I use to tighten my bolts?

Maintaining the correct torque values of all components and the bike's critical hardware is crucial  to maintaining the bike’s performance and longevity. The specific torque values are located in the user manuals, HERE or you can watch our Tech Series videos HERE.

How does the presta valve stem work for the tire inflation  Process?

To inflate or adjust the air pressure in your tires, you will need a pump that is Presta valve  compatible or use a Presta valve adaptor. The correct tire pumps and tire pressure gauges can  be purchased through your local dealer. Before installing the pump or gauge onto the valve, start by loosening the locking nut on the top of the air valve. Install the pump and inflate. After removal of the pump or gauge, hand tighten the locking nut to ensure it’s closed. 


What is the intended use for the INTENSE 951 XC?

The INTENSE 951 XC are mountain bikes intended for adventure riders, every day mountain bike trails, and even your local XC races. A lightweight, easy to ride and efficient bike that will be sure to get you excited to go out and ride your bike!

What is the intended use for the INTENSE 951 TRAIL?

The INTENSE 951 TRAIL are mountain bikes intended for adventure riders, every day mountain bike trails, and even your local enduro races. A descent-focused bike that is focused on being an excellent all around bike. A swiss army knife of a bike, if you will.

What size bike should I ride?

Selecting the correct size bike will ensure you have the best overall experience and performance  out of your bike. Ideal bike size is based on your body measurements, please watch our sizing  video for more detail. HERE

How does INTENSE measure bike weight?

We use a hanging scale where the bike is balanced on the scale by the seat. Each INTENSE  951 XC and TRAIL was weighed with the pedals and all packaging removed. A full video can be seen 951 Bike Weights

How much does my INTENSE 951 bikes weigh?

The INTENSE 951 XC in size Medium  weighs 28 lbs 4 oz with tubes.  

The INTENSE 951 TRAIL in size Medium weighs 31 lbs 10 oz with tubes.

Can I ride my bike if I see a crack/dent on the frame?

If the bike frame or any component has a crack, dent or other surface imperfection please contact your local INTENSE dealer or email/call the INTENSE customer service team at: (951) 307-9211 or The INTENSE Dealer or customer service team  can review the issue and let you know how best to proceed. 

Is there touch-up paint available for my INTENSE 951 bike?

Currently INTENSE does not offer touch-up paint. This is still in development.

Do your bikes deliver with tubes?

All INTENSE 951 bikes come with tubes installed.

What does it mean when you say the bike is “Tubeless Ready”?

INTENSE 951 bikes come tubeless ready. This means the rims are taped and ready to accept tubeless conversion. Tires are tubeless compatible, tubeless valves and tubeless sealant are included in the accessory box. For a tutorial on tubeless conversion, click HERE

What orientation are the brakes set up from the factory?

 All INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL models come with standard brakes. The rear brake is located on the  right-hand side while the front brake is on the left-hand side. 

What is the recommended air pressure for my bike and body weight?

Suspension air pressure is determined by rider weight. To learn more about this process, please refer to the sag set up video in our technical video library HERE.  Additionally, a recommended air pressure chart is located on page 19 of the 951 XC or TRAIL  manuals  which can be viewed HERE

What are the shock size specs for my bike? 

INTENSE 951 XC - 165mm x 45mm / trunnion upper and 8mm x 20mm lower

INTENSE 951 Trail - 210mm x 50mm / 6mm x 20mm top and 8mm x 20mm bottom

If you have a question of shock hardware specs, please call or email into our customer service hotline. Otherwise please visit ROCK SHOX or FOX for specifications.

What type of bottom bracket do I need for my bike?

The INTENSE 951 XC required a BB92 press fit 73mm bottom bracket and the INTENSE 951 Trail required an English threaded bottom bracket.

What is the maximum tire clearance? 

The maximum tire size recommended is 2.4", with the included spec components.

What is the difference between the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL models? 

The most notable differences between the XC and TRAIL bikes are the frame and suspension. Frame: The frame of the 951 XC is lightweight, and the geometry has been tailored to ease pedal efficiency and speed. The 951 Trail frame has a more aggressive geometry to increase downhill capability and maneuverability over obstacles. Suspension: The 951 XC is a 120mm travel cross country bike that utilizes a frame designed for efficiency on the climbs and comfort and control on the downs. The 951 Trail is a 140mm/150mm travel trail bike that utilizes a frame that offers an excellent blend of climbing efficiency and excellent rough terrain capabilities for coming back down your favorite mountain.

Does the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL come with pedals?

No, each INTENSE 951 bike comes without pedals so you can choose which type of pedal you prefer.

What is a recommended tire pressure to start with for the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL? 

The following tire pressures are a recommendation and may vary based on your rider weight, trail conditions and personal preference.  

Front: 26PSI  Rear: 29PSI


Where can I purchase parts for my INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL bike?

Your local INTENSE 951 dealer will be able to help you locate replacement parts for your  951 XC or TRAIL. OR you can use our online store to search for the parts you need. HERE . If you need help finding the part you need, the INTENSE customer service team can always help by calling (951) 307-9211 or 

What shocks and forks will fit on the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL?

• Forks with a 1.5 taper OR a 1 1/8 steer tube will fit, using applicable headsets (maximum travel  fork for the 951 XC is 120mm and TRAIL models is 160mm). 

• 951 XC rear shock is cross compatible with FOX and ROCKSHOX.

• 951 Trail rear shock is cross compatible with any major brand that offers compatible length shock.

For any questions regarding exact fitment of any suspension platform contact INTENSE at (951) 307-9211 or 

What is the longest dropper post that will fit in my seattube?

The maximum length of your dropper is determined by the maximum insertion depth of the frame  and the length of the lower body of the seatpost. The maximum insertion depth on the 951 XC is 246mm. The maximum insertion depth on the 951 TRAIL  SM/MD is 255mm and L/XL is 280mm. INTENSE offers a variety of seatpost options (100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and 175mm).


Is there a break-in period for the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL models?

Yes, there is a break-in period on all INTENSE bikes. INTENSE recommends 10 hours of riding to allow all components to settle and mate properly to one another. After 10 hours, it is  recommended to clean the bike thoroughly, focusing on all pivot points and the drivetrain.  Loosen, then retorque all pivot points to the appropriate torque values listed in the user manual.  Adjust the drivetrain if needed to maintain smooth operation. After this tune-up, you can expect  proper performance and can refer to the standard service intervals for further maintenance  suggestions. 

How do I know it’s time to have my bike serviced? 

As a responsible owner of your high-performance mountain bike, it is important to stay on your  scheduled maintenance program. Preventing problems from happening should be your number  one priority to ensure the best performance, reliability, safety and life out of your INTENSE  mountain bike. For more information on how to maintain your bike properly, refer to our Tech Video Series on the 951 TRAIL and XC

What is the recommended seatpost and seattube care?

INTENSE recommends the seatpost be installed with a thin coating of waterproof grease or  carbon paste, which is included with your bike. This is something that should be checked,  cleaned and reapplied every three months.

What chain lube should be used? 

It’s important to use bicycle-specific chain lube to ensure cleanliness, performance and durability  of the chain. The chain should be cleaned and lubed before each ride.

How often should I check my INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL?

It is recommended to establish a PRE-RIDE and POST-RIDE maintenance check to ensure the best performance from your bike. 

What is the brake bleed process for the INTENSE 951 XC and TRAIL models? 

Please contact your local INTENSE 951 dealer to order the correct bleed kit for the brake  system you have or have your dealer provide the service for you. 

What is the best way to wash my INTENSE 951 XC or TRAIL bike?

Following the post-ride check, the bike should be wiped free from dust and/or rinsed off of heavy  mud and contaminants after each ride. Pressure washing is not recommended and can shorten  the lifespan of the bearings throughout the bike and damage the electronics if not done correctly.  Using bike specific bike cleaners is important. This will help ensure the paint is not damaged and  the brakes are not contaminated. 

How can I change my brakes from standard orientation to “moto style”? 

This can be done by switching the brake hose from one lever assembly, to the other. This will require a brake bleed. If you are not comfortable with this  process, we recommend taking your bike to an experienced technician. 

When should I replace my brake pads? 

For best performance on every ride, we recommend replacing your pads once they approach the 50% wear point. 

What can I do if I hear any creaks and squeaks? 

Please check out our video on CREAKS AND SQUEAKS

If I have any set-up or technical questions, where should I look? 

For any technical support needs, please refer to our Technical Video Series or contact INTENSE  at (951) 307-9211 or 

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